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Kiki Beelitz

Horses are my passion and for over 25 years, I have been behind the camera, producing high quality photos and videos.

Horse TiVi

Our video productions are a commitment to success. Produced and edited with horse sense and knowledge. Image films are just as much a part of Horse TiVi's tasks as sales or event videos.


Computer skills, design and image processing are as much a part of a photographer's job as being creative and having a clear view of what matters. Our service includes photos, videos, photo collages, catalogues, websites and much more.

Stallions of World Quality

From 2014 – 2019, I produced a total of 60 stallion photos for a German calendar about outstanding stallion personalities called “Hengste, die die Welt bewegen”.
calendar photos


Das I-Tüpfelchen: In Zusammenarbeit mit der Grafik-Designerin Nadja Rathjen biete ich die Entwicklung von Logos, die Gestaltung von Anzeigen, Flyern, Prospekten und Magazinen an. Auch Bücher gehören zum Portfolio.


Die Sportpferdeboerse.com ist ihr kompetenter Partner bei der Vermittlung ihres Sport- und Freizeitpferdes.